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Austen Emery

CA, and HI


Who We Are

Toddy Gear is a global promotional brand founded in 2010 with a vision to enhance the experience of using the latest technology. Crafting products that are beautiful, functional, and fit into the everyday lifestyle is at the core of Toddy Gear.

What We Believe

We believe in beautifully designed and decorated promotional products that make an instant impression, in 2010, when the founder was inspired to innovate the first dual-sided premium quality microfiber cloth. Since then, we've built a strong foundation of innovative products that help brands achieve their initiatives through promotional gifts. 


Today, the same way we care about every branded product, we care about the impact we are making on the community, its people, and the world.

Our Story

Toddy Gear began with one simple goal—to clean screens effectively and fashionably, enhancing your favorite gadgets. Founded in 2010 by Toddy Gabel, Toddy Gear grew to become the premier supplier of premium promotional products. 


In November 2014, Jason Emery joined Toddy Gear as Vice President. With Jason's bold vision of innovation and growth --- and his love for "doing" --- Toddy Gear began its evolution from a tech-focused accessory company to becoming a lifestyle brand focusing on the promotional industry's needs. 


In the years that followed, Toddy Gear transformed from a boutique brand into an established supplier of unique lifestyle gifts.


Today, as in 2010, we are shaped by our story, commitment, and dedication to serving the promotional industry's needs.

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